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We’re here to help you move your mission forward. As an engagement firm, we connect people to purpose, helping leaders find the resources and support they need to do the most good.

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Mobilizing Your People

We like to say that engagement is all we do, and engagement is everything. That means we work with organizations and leaders to crystallize vision, convey impact, and craft meaningful stories to mobilize your people and elevate your work.

What We Do
Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. -Stephen Hawking

Let’s Grow Your Story.

We believe that organizational transformation can only take hold in a culture that is built to support it. Taking a 360⁰ approach to donor development, we focus on engaging your community of support from the inside out and readying your vessel for the journey ahead.

Our Philosophy
Open Book
  • Client Guest Post-“One Capital Campaign’s Recipe for Success”

    By Sue Hix, Chair, Be Wild Campaign for Youth Nature Education It took us almost 2 years to the day to reach (and exceed) our goal of raising $250,000, but we did it. It was by no means easy, yet it wasn’t as hard as we thought it might be, … Read More

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  • Magical Resources to Inspire Creativity

    The Vela team recently had the privilege of hosting a space at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Greater MN Nonprofit Summit to explore the connections between mindfulness, creativity and leadership. Here, we offer more resources to inspire your own alchemical mix. Seth Godin Brain Pickings The American Academy of Poets … Read More

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  • Why “Vela?”

    The name Vela Strategy (pronounced VEH-lah) was born from our desire to create an identity that represents our need to experience meaning through connections–in our work, in our relationships, in our lives. Vela is a constellation in the southern sky. It’s Latin for the sails of a ship and was … Read More

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  • Convening for Purpose

    As Christa and I sat down to enjoy a bountiful breakfast while on retreat together earlier this week, she reminded me just how lucky we are to be doing purposeful work. There we were, drenched in the morning sun, looking out over snow-covered Fuller Lake at one of our new … Read More

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  • Introducing the Vela Strategy Team

    Vela is a constellation. We are a group of consultants linked together by our shared purpose: helping our clients navigate their sea of possibility.  And, like a constellation, the value we offer is more than the sum of our parts.  Our distinct areas of skill and expertise, when linked, create … Read More

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A constellation of support

Our diverse team represents an array of expertise, linking donor development, program evaluation, brand development, and leadership coaching to provide the balance of support that will propel you forward.

Our People
In the waves of change we find our true direction. -Unknown

Our People

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