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Drumroll please…

…and now, with great excitement and honor, I introduce my partner, Christa Otteson. Christa has an endlessly curious personality and a generosity of spirit that she puts to work on behalf of the organizations she serves. Christa is a pragmatic idealist who has an incredible ability to guide leaders through … Read More

Ladies & Gentlemen…

…allow me to introduce my partner, Katrina Pierson. Katrina brings so much to her clients – sharing expertise in donor development and marketing – but, really, her powers to unlock possibility and craft actionable strategies is what blows me away. When you work with Katrina, you get the benefit of … Read More

Here we go!

Welcome! You’ve likely found us because you’re already a friend…a respected client, a valued collaborator, a trusted colleague. You’ve found us because you know Christa or Katrina and you’re curious about this new endeavor. What it means for us. What it means for you. Or, maybe, we don’t know you … Read More