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Drumroll please…

…and now, with great excitement and honor, I introduce my partner, Christa Otteson.


Christa has an endlessly curious personality and a generosity of spirit that she puts to work on behalf of the organizations she serves. Christa is a pragmatic idealist who has an incredible ability to guide leaders through planning processes that are personally meaningful, enlightening and transformational.

Her experience as a researcher and her interest in using evaluation methods to empower people AND improve program design makes Christa a rare gem on the vast landscape of the social sector. Christa is smart-as-a-whip, humble, creative and extraordinarily kind.

While I admire Christa for so much, perhaps what has blown me away the most is her willingness to get down into the trenches to work at the elbow of her clients and friends to work through problems, as a companion even when the situation is uncomfortable. Even when there are hard truths involved.

Approach to life: ask questions, listen hard, dig in, be generous, explore, explore, explore.

A few things you should know about Christa:  She is a mad crafter; adventurist and arts advocate. She formerly worked at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Wilder Research, lives and offices in New London, is a mother of two strong, beautiful girls, and is working with her husband, Josh to launch Goat Ridge Brewing Company in New London, MN.

Want to know more about Christa’s education and experience? Check out our Our People page or — better yet! — drop her a line at [email protected]

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Do good, be well.


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