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Here we go!


You’ve likely found us because you’re already a friend…a respected client, a valued collaborator, a trusted colleague. You’ve found us because you know Christa or Katrina and you’re curious about this new endeavor. What it means for us. What it means for you.

Or, maybe, we don’t know you yet. Maybe, you found your way here by happenstance or a Google search or a Facebook like by someone you think is pretty cool.

Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

On January 1, we’ll be launching Vela Strategy, our new consulting firm. We’re bringing together a team of some of the most insightful and creative people we know to create a constellation of support for our clients that includes:

  • Leadership Support
  • Donor Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Communications

All here, in this relationship, between you and us, us and you.

For our clients and collaborators, we want you to know that the support and services we provide are about to get bigger, broader, better. We’re joining forces so that we can do things differently, so that we can bring a holistic approach to the consulting relationship that provides transformative support to your organization, to your purpose and people, to you.

Over the next two months we’ll be unveiling this new endeavor, piece by piece, through this blog, as we prepare to launch our firm at the start of 2015. Stay tuned for opportunities to test out our tools, to get a sneak peek at our website as it unfolds, and to learn more about the intersections that define our approach (hint:  engagement is a big deal to us).

We envision this blog as our idea incubator for the next few months, where we share updates as our group takes shape, articulate the holistic approach that defines Vela Strategy, and engage you — our colleagues, our clients, our friends — in a conversation about what matters most to you as a leader and to the organizations that you represent. We invite you to join the conversation by following the blog and by sharing what you see here with your network — and we promise some fun along the way, as well (and maybe a party or two).

Do good, be well. We’ll see you soon.

Christa Otteson & Katrina Pierson
Founding Partners, Vela Strategy

10 responses to “Here we go!

  1. I must say that I felt honored, considered, valued and grateful to be a recipient of your message- I am so excited for you both, and even more excited for your clients and the community of people who will be touched by your life’s work- your passion and leadership…your example of excellence- I know you will marry creativity with compassion and insight and courage! Let the changing of lives and harnessing of innovation begin!

    1. Thanks, Julie — what lovely sentiments you’ve shared here. Please stay in conversation with Vela through this blog — we plan to make this a forum for sharing ideas among a diverse cadre of folks. –Christa

    1. Thank you, Regan. We are so excited that you have joined this unfolding conversation. I look forward to connecting and learning more about your work at Opportunity Matters. –Christa

  2. IMAGINING what the combination of you 2 can be? Hmmm – WAY more than the sum of 1`+ 1. Looking forward to see how our journeys intersect.

    1. Hey Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing these kind thoughts. And thanks for following! Would love to hear your thoughts on our posts as things unfold on the blog. Had lunch with Sara the other day — a chip off the old block, to be sure. 😉 –Christa

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