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Ladies & Gentlemen…

…allow me to introduce my partner, Katrina Pierson.

Katrina brings so much to her clients – sharing expertise in donor development and marketing – but, really, her powers to unlock possibility and craft actionable strategies is what blows me away. When you work with Katrina, you get the benefit of her enthusiasm and passion for helping nonprofits increase their reach. But you also get this wonderful cheerleader who is always, always, always ready to look you in the eye, to give you her full attention, and to truly focus on your unique needs and aspirations. Katrina – my colleague, my partner, my friend – is a possibility enthusiast like no other. She helps people pull together to do amazing things.  She helps leaders excavate strengths and move toward a life defined by intention, fulfillment, and impact.

Other things you should know about Katrina:

She’s a leadership coach, a practitioner of mindfulness, and a poet. She has been with HBH Consultants since 2010, where she has specialized in planning, donor development, and leadership support. She’s a mother of two, lives in Sauk Rapids, offices in St. Cloud, and is always, always, always, devouring new things.

Current obsession: learning to sail.

Approach to life: Be present. Live generously.

Want to know more about Katrina?  Check out our Our People page or — better yet! — drop her a line at [email protected]. Also, to keep up with all things Vela, visit our Contact page and share your details.

Do good, be well.


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