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Convening for Purpose

As Christa and I sat down to enjoy a bountiful breakfast while on retreat together earlier this week, she reminded me just how lucky we are to be doing purposeful work. There we were, drenched in the morning sun, looking out over snow-covered Fuller Lake at one of our new … Read More

Introducing the Vela Strategy Team

Vela is a constellation. We are a group of consultants linked together by our shared purpose: helping our clients navigate their sea of possibility.  And, like a constellation, the value we offer is more than the sum of our parts.  Our distinct areas of skill and expertise, when linked, create … Read More

On the Vela Horizon

It’s been awhile since our last blog post. So much has changed since November, when we were poised to roll out our new company and our new model with a big, bold launch that coincided with the New Year. As many of you know, the better half of the Vela … Read More